LGM Injury Law . . .

. . . handles the tough personal injury cases – the ones where people have incurred major injuries due to the negligence of another individual, business or organization.

We have seen it all, from wrongful death, serious compound fractures, Traumatic Brain Injury, neck and spinal cord injuries, to medical malpractice and product liability.

We have been singularly successful for our clients. 

Our Process

LGM Injury Law does not accept every potential client that comes to us. We have a rigorous (for us) selection procedure when assessing new cases.

There’s a simple reason for this . . .

It’s because,

We’re in this together. That is not a motto, it’s how we work and in our experience it’s conducive to the best possible results.

If we take your case I becomes we, we move through it. Together. Every step of the way.

There will be ups and downs, there will be times when you, the client, will be asked to undergo a medical exam, or a deposition, or a dozen other things, many of them not particularly pleasant. We will do them together.

There will be periods of time when it seems like nothing is going on with your case and we’re just waiting for a court date or document delivery, or . . . but we’ll still be talking. 

You don’t cease to exist to us just because nothing imminent is happening with your case. We know you – of course – are still dealing with the reason we’re working so hard together, whatever it may be, physical and/or emotional . . . we will be there for you. 

Our Cases

We have successfully pursued cases that involved serious vehicular injuries, medical malpractice, product liability, death, and almost anything you can think of where regular people have been harmed or killed due to the actions, failure to act, malpractice, or negligence of others.

When the responsible party isn’t willing to come forward with a just award, we will do what it takes to get what’s fair for you.

If you or a family member have been harmed, or a loved one has died call us, tell us what happened and together we’ll explore your option. 

Our Philosophy

LGM Injury Law’s approach is very much client-centric approach. If we take your case we will immediately begin to assess your health, finances, goals, aspirations before and after the incident while outlining a route to mental, physical emotional and/or financial recovery.

We have a very well-earned reputation with the defense bar and the courts for fair dealing and up-front, skillful negotiations. We will make every effort to employ our exceptional negotiation skills to achieve a fair settlement from the responsible parties and their insurance companies.

We do this while preparing for trial. Because we never know when an opposing party may be unaccountably intransigent. When that happens, we’ll be ready for trial.

In the meantime, Leslie Gold McPadden will use her far reaching connections to put together a ‘dream team’ – doctors, nurses, experts, other lawyers when needed. Leslie very much believes in a team approach . . . which has the additional value of bringing even greater support to our clients. 

When it comes to trial, we are fearless. Leslie may love to buy people ice cream, but she has a very well-earned reputation as a creative, tough cross-examiner.

We would much rather work things out with the defendants, but we will always be ready to move forward and if forced to do so we have the grit to get it done.

Call our office in Waterbury to schedule a free one-on-one consultation today.  Appointments also available in Hartford, Farmington, or New Haven.